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3D Printed Heels You Can Actually Wear

It was the 3D Print Show this month, recognising the latest and greatest in 3D printed products. Of note in the footwear department was British brand 'Shoes By Bryan' and shoes don’t come sounding more British than that.

Bryan Oknyansky is the designer and he has created the world’s first collection of 3D printed shoes that a woman can actually, and practically, wear in everyday life. The Split Heels, you can walk, run, jump and dance in them.

This summer, Bryan was nominated for two prestigious awards as both an Inspirational Individual and Rising Star. A rising star he is indeed, an architect by trade with a vision for the shoes of the future, not too dissimilar from another favourite of mine, Julian Hakes.

A strong advocate for the British brand, all of Bryan’s shoes are made in the UK. As such it may be slightly astonishing that Bryan is in fact from Los Angeles, USA but very much attached to the lovely United Kingdom – he happily admits that the brand is indeed British.

Shoes By Bryan is also growing and recruiting on the business side, so if you’re keen to be a part of the future of today’s footwear.

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I don’t wear heels long enough to warrant shoe fresheners, but for well loved, well worn trainers that I’ve been frequently wearing for 4 years (such as my silver Ash leather hi tops) these are a bit of a winner.

Not much to see whilst in my trainers, but lots to smell. Popped these in for 12 hours on New Year’s Day and I can still smell the freshness 4 weeks later :-) #happidays

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